Do's Eye Exercise
Give your Eyes a Break.   Look out of window for 5 minutes after every 40 minutes of near work Palming.  Is done by covering the closed eyes with the palms of the hands so that no light passes through.
Hold the books about 30 cm away from eyes.  Sit upright in a comfortable chair When you experience burning, itching or water eye, its a REMINDER TO BLINK
Ensure adequate lighting in room.  Avoid glare onto books or on face Game of Ball. Is done by throwing the ball from one hand to other and follow the ball's movement and blink after each catch
Clean your spectacles with soap and water atleast once a day Sit down, Relax, Practise still, Close your  eyes and focus on your breathing.  Blink every 3-5 seconds, Deep Breath and repeat
Sit atleast 2m away from screen.  Room light should be on and watch from eye-level or lower See Far away objects for 3 minutes and then near object 3 minutes. 
Participate in Outdoor Activities. Sunlight plays important role in balancing your nervous system.  Exercise - Jogging, Walking, Cycling, Dancing
Drink plenty of water
Choose books with larger prints. 
Dont's IXL 
Reading small print STAR FALL
Using computer more than 30 minutes Worksheets
Lying down to read or watch TV
Cover eyes with hair
Reading under strong sunlight
Reading with light on face
Reading in moving vehicle Index